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  • St. Joseph’s Golden Age
  • Youth Group
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  • St. Stephen’s Altar Society
  • Polish Legion of American Veterans (P.L.A.V.) Korajwo Puhalski Post 17

St. Anne Society
The St. Anne society, formerly known as the Altar Society, has served St. Joseph’s parish for many years in a spiritual way as well as conducting many money-raising events. Since its beginning, the Society has deepened the spiritual lives of its members and has contributed much to the spiritual growth of the church. In addition to helping maintain the beauty of the altar, the women have worked tirelessly in a variety of endeavors, such as bake sales, suppers, raffles and card parties; thereby contributing enormously to the church. When the present church was built, the goal of this group was to raise $5,000 to purchase the beautiful Baldachino over the main altar. The goal was reached, much to the joy of its members and the whole parish. As our present goal is to reach out to women of the parish to join this important church group, we ask for your support by joining and participating in its many spiritual and social activities.

For further information, please contact Mary Helen Colloca at 315-343-8751.

Youth Group
The Youth Group is about growing in faith and friendships through social, spiritual and civic activities. Some of our activities include: Walk for Life, youth rallies, Seabreeze summer trip, bowling, movie nights, service projects, etc.

For further information, please e-mail: