Faith & Family Ministry

Faith & Family Ministry –

Using the example of God’s Love, Grace and Mercy as a role model, we assist families in building spiritual and emotional home “sanctuaries”. Helping them with tools needed to create healthy bonds, coping skills, supportive and nurturing relationships.

The ministry core beliefs are –

  1. God’s relationship with us throughout all of history is an example to us of how we should support, treat and guide each other as one family unit.
  2. All Families are not the same. Families deal with various personalities, lifestyles, cultures, varied generations, and dynamics. All are welcome.
  3. No parent is perfect! All parents come with individual experiences, expectations and understandings. All children come with separate personalities, wants, needs, etc. It is impossible to always expect that what works for others will work for you!
  4. Parenting is a vocation. Like all vocations, one must be called and one must respond to this call. Vocations require continual personal spiritual growth to meet this commitment. “A parent has needs,too!”

The ultimate goal of Faith & Family Ministry “is meant to give the world what it needs most: the next generation of loving godly people.” – Popcaks, OSV

For more information please contact Deanne Hall, Faith & Family Ministry, P.A., Christ the Good Shepherd, 315-343-2333.